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We build websites and we're here to set you up for success, whether you already have a site or not.

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A little of what we do

Static and CMS Websites

Use the right tool for the job, what do you need your website to do for you? Whether it's a single page you need or a blogging site with updatable content, we can get what you need out there.

Custom Domains

Getting a domain name that's snappy and relates to your business is really important. We'll help you find the perfect one, and we can manage renewals and DNS, too.


We can manage the hosting of your website, whether it's an existing site, or one that we help you build. We have experience with running sites and doing the boring stuff like maintaining system updates.


We can configure email providers on your personal domain. This lets you have the personal touch of ricky@rickyspizza.com instead of rickypizza431@gmail.com. We can also help set up personalised newsletters.

Domain Certificates

We make sure you're running your site securely over HTTPS, with a nice green padlock next to your name in the address bar. For more reasons on why you should look at using TLS encryption, see this blog post by Mozilla.


As part of our hosting package, we perform monthly backups as standard. Need more frequent backups? No problem, tell us how often and we've got it covered. Plus we check it's easy to restore quickly if the worst happens.

A bit about us

We're a web development duo from Nottingham with the mission statement of helping small to medium businesses get a website they are proud of and they can use to meet their business needs.

It can be hard to set up a company and hit the ground running, especially if it's your first business. And mastering a website and online presence is often a difficult and time consuming task. So you concentrate on what you do best and we'll concentrate on what we do best - building and managing websites.

We're here to help you build a site you're happy to show off. We'll set up an initial data-gathering meeting to discuss what requirements you have, draft out a plan of action, and then start work on bringing the realisation to life.

Alternatively, if you have an existing site, we can work with you to help give it a fresh lick of paint, be it a complete redesign, or just to update it to become a little more responsive.

Our services are built to continue to develop at the same pace your business does, meaning we'll give you the tools so you can create new content and build greater engagement with your customer base, be that through blog posts or social media, or any other means you require.

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